Monday, March 1, 2010

Tracee Ellis Ross & Paris Vogue!!!

why am i just now discovering that Tracee Ellis Ross, the fashionable daughter of Diana Ross, was featured in the "Une Fille Un Style" section for the August 2009 issue of Paris Vogue?
i became a huge fan of hers when she starred as "Joan Clayton" the love seeking, fashion conscious, lawyer turned restaurateur/night club owner, on her now canceled show "Girlfriends". she had the most amazing style on and off the show. i admit, i stopped watching "Girlfriends" religiously during the last few seasons. i don't know why. but i need it back in my life, (i wonder if i can get it on DVD)? the show "described as "The Black Sex & The City" chronicles the lives of four single BFF's looking for love and happiness in lives. i need to find out if Joan ever did find a husband, if Lynn ever found her dream career, did Maya get back with her husband and what ever happened to Toni?



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