Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lanvin Ballerina Flats

i need to own these shoes!!!

119 Corbo

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tracee Ellis Ross & Paris Vogue!!!

why am i just now discovering that Tracee Ellis Ross, the fashionable daughter of Diana Ross, was featured in the "Une Fille Un Style" section for the August 2009 issue of Paris Vogue?
i became a huge fan of hers when she starred as "Joan Clayton" the love seeking, fashion conscious, lawyer turned restaurateur/night club owner, on her now canceled show "Girlfriends". she had the most amazing style on and off the show. i admit, i stopped watching "Girlfriends" religiously during the last few seasons. i don't know why. but i need it back in my life, (i wonder if i can get it on DVD)? the show "described as "The Black Sex & The City" chronicles the lives of four single BFF's looking for love and happiness in lives. i need to find out if Joan ever did find a husband, if Lynn ever found her dream career, did Maya get back with her husband and what ever happened to Toni?


NYC Internship update: Part One

hey all, well the search for a fashion related internship is going well! landed an interview already with a fashion house in NYC for the end of march (i'll be there for a class art trip. plan to slip away during break time to go to interviews). i only have one interview locked in but i want to secure a few more interviews to better my chances of getting a internship. i still have yet to write a cover letter which is what most of the employers asked for which, but i do have my resume all set and sent a few out (still waiting for a response from the two i sent out, which reminds me, check email after post). i guess i had a rush of excitement when i first started getting ready to contact companies for an internship but now my energy has faded a bit (darn you procrastination). first thing tomorrow during theater class (a total snooze) i'll get my but back in action and write a cover letter. i don't know why i'm slacking on it, i love to write. it's just that it's so much fun to lie in bed skimming through pages of old paris Vogue & Vogue Hommes than doing actual work. but i'll have night time to lie in bed and do nothing, the day is the time work. i just need to keep reminding myself this whenever i have the desire to slack off.

anyway, just giving an update on my search for a fashion internship.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coco Chanel And Igor Stravinsky

Why oh why am i being forced to wait for word of a release date for the dvd of Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky?

Monday, February 15, 2010

City Slicker in Lanvin

i have developed an affection for Lanvin's ruffled, tucked, draped and cinched at the waist by a belt, coats. but sadly i'm too late to buy any of the coats online. my only hope is for one to land on eBay or a consignment shop or something.
some how the edgy beauty that strutted down the runway of the Lanvin 09 collection alluded my attention until now, a whole season later.
Okay, Okay, i saw MK Olsen wearing the red number and now i want one too. there. well, not completely true.

i wouldn't mind getting my hands on any of these styles of coats. either one would look great with a pair of black skinny jeans, that i would roll up at the ankles and a pair of black flats, plus a random vintage tee underneath. oh, and maybe even a chuncky costume necklace around the neck, similar to the one worn in the third pic, into bring out the elegance of the coat. that's just how i would wear it in the city.

Mohawk & Pearls

cut your hair if you dare

this is such a beautiful image that i just had to post it. i'm not sure who the girl is but i just adore her hair cut. if i was brave enough i would totally grab the scissors and start chopping away at my mane at the expense of absolute disownment from my mother and maybe my father.

why is it when i'm trying to grow out my hair a cute short hairstyle makes me rethink the whole long hair look. short hair is just too desirable to me. i'm never moved by long hair styles as i am to short hair.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

saying goodbye & making plans

the ghostly women from McQueen's Fall/Winter 2007 is maybe my favorite look from the designer

the death of of my all time fashion designer Alexander McQueen.
i could believe the news of the death of mister McQueen. he was someone i aspired to be like one day. i could wait to see what fantasy world this man would conjure up from his imaginary. now we'll never know.
the news of McQueen i guess has got me thinking. im just now realizing that if i want to get anywhere in life i need to get out of bed and start hauling tail. I'm finishing up my sophomore year in college and I'm starting to feel the itch for some real life experience. i was thinking of saving up all my dough from now till summer break and move to NYC just for summer or even transfer to a college like the New School and stay indefinitely . but before i can live it up in the city i have to land a summer internship(fingers crossed). I'm hoping to land something related to fashion (of course). maybe interning for a photographer, stylist, fashion designer or fashion magazine, whatever i can get. I'm not totally naive, i am aware that these industry is a prime target for young people looking for internships but it couldn't hurt to try.
so, along with saving my money i will applying to colleges, looking for internships or even better a paid internship or just a plain job in the big apple.
PS: Thanks for the inspiration McQueen